Radiation Hardened Solutions and High Reliability Components

Frontgrade has provided radiation hardened (RadHard) and high reliability (HiRel) components to the space and satellite industry for more than 60 years.
We are humbled that our electronics and components have been selected for flight use on every satellite launched by the open international community. Frontgrade's extensive flight heritage spans the Apollo missions and NASA’s Artemis deep space exploration program, and is enabling New Space applications driven by demand for commercial low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications.
Offering a complete portfolio of RadHard and HiRel components, Frontgrade serves as the foundation on which many critical applications are built.
Our product and technology suite includes memory, processors, power solutions, interconnect and analog solutions, ASICs, IP cores, as well as the development and debug infrastructure – all optimized for space. Our RadHard and HiRel components have also been widely adopted for other high reliability and harsh environments such as medical, industrial, networking and telecommunications. For satellite designers looking for components that are mission-matched and offer affordable reliability, Frontgrade RadHard solutions provide the right mix of high reliability, radiation hardness, and affordability.

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