UHF & MUOS Antennas


Frontgrade is a leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) Antennas for U.S. and foreign militaries as well as commercial integrators and manufacturers.

Through our acquisition of Trivec Avant, Frontgrade has become a UHF and MUOS Antenna Systems supplier-of-choice and have provided warfighters all over the globe with the most reliable and durable performance in the most demanding of environments.

Frontgrade UHF and MUOS Military Antenna Systems include one of the industry’s most comprehensive lines of manpacks, shipboard units, surveillance, vehicle-mounted and airborne designs. Our portable tactical antenna configurations are lightweight, ruggedized and feature a wide variety of characteristics and features.

Offering decades of expertise and real-world deployments for military, defense and governmental agencies around the world, our designs provide unsurpassed assurance, quality and value.


Airborne Antennas

Frontgrade UHF/MUOS/Line of Sight (LOS) Airborne Antennas are qualified to fly on the most demanding airborne platforms, including US Army helicopters, V22 Osprey, and most every subsonic fixed wing platform.

Airborne Antennas
Part Number Description
AV 201 Blade
AV 201-9 Blade
AV 201-10 Blade w L Band
AV 207-2 Blade
AV 207-8 Blade
AV 2075-8 Batwing
AV 2075-8-84 Batwing
AV 2075-9 Batwing
AV 2075-13 Batwing
AV 2077-0-88 Football Radome
AV 209 Blade
AV 220 Blade
AV 237-2 Blade
AV 258-0 Blade
AV 258-1 Blade
AV 258-2 Blade
AV 2091-x Eggbeater
AV 2090-4 X-wing

Landbased Antennas

Frontgrade UHF/MUOS Landbased Antenna Systems are used around the world by ensure mission critical SATCOM communications. Offerings include directional yagis, omnidirectional, hi/low look, and highly mobile lightweight antenna designs.

Trivec Avant Ground-based Antenna
Part Number Description
AV 2011 Hi Gain Directional
AV 2011-9 Hi Gain Directional
AV 2012 Hi Gain Directional
AV 2012-4 Hi Gain Directional
AV 2012-6 Hi Gain Directional
AV 2040-1 Foldable Directional
AV 2040-2 Foldable Directional
AV 2040-3 Foldable Directional
AV 2055-3/-13 Foldable Directional
AV 2125 Miniature Foldable
AV 2125-2 With Mag Mount
AV 2135 MUOS Directional
AV 2140-1 On the Man in Tube
AV 2141-1/-0 On the Man/Radio
AV2090-10 Foldable X-wing

MUOS Antenna Systems

Many of Frontgrade's military UHF antennas have been redesigned to also cover the MUOS frequencies. AV2141 is a patented MUOS antenna that provides true on-the-man on-the-move communications capability.

Trivec Avant AV2141 Antenna
Part Number Description
AV 2090-4 X Wing
AV 2090-7 X Wing Mag Mount
AV 2091-11 Eggbeater
AV 2086-4 Omni UHF/MUOS
AV2141-x On the Man
AV 2135 Directional
AV 2040-x Foldable
AV2012-x Hi Gain Directional
AV 2055-13 Foldable
AV 460 Whip
AV2075-x Batwing
AV201-10 Blade

Naval Antennas

Frontgrade provides its Trivec Avant UHF/MUOS antenna systems to the US Navy and to nearly every navy within the NATO membership. From small riverine/RHIB boats to the largest aircraft carrier, our UHF/MUOS Trivec Avant antennas are relied upon for critical communications.

naval antenna
Part Number Description
AV 2099-4 Dual Antenna - Large Deck
AV 2099-8 Dual Antenna - Large Deck
AV 2098-2 Dual Antenna System
AV 2098-4 Dual Antenna System
AV 2098-12 Dual Antenna System
AV 2098-14 Dual Antenna System
AV 2098-17 Single Antenna System
AV 2098-7 Single Antenna System
AV 2086-4 Omni Passive Antenna
AV 2094-4 Self Steering Small Craft

Vehicular Antennas

Frontgrade UHF and MUOS Vehicular Antenna Systems are rugged and test qualified to survive and perform in the most hostile of environments. X-wing and Eggbeater antennas cover both UHF and MUOS frequencies, and self-steering antenna systems offer premium low-look performance with the link just has to be closed.

Trivec Avant Vehicular Antenna
Part Number Description
AV 2090-4 X Wing
AV 2090-7 X Wing Mag Mount
AV 2091-x Eggbeater
AV 2086-4 Omni UHF/MUOS
AV 2094-3 Self Steering
AV 457-3 Whip
AV 460 Whip
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