Integrated Antenna Systems

Frontgrade is a leading provider of integrated antenna solutions for military and aerospace applications. 

We take pride in precision engineering, and our integrated antenna systems are no exception. Inspired by cutting-edge technology and engineering, our systems redefine antenna connectivity. With our extensive history across telecommunications and aerospace, Frontgrade’s integrated antenna systems keep you connected with trusted reliability. 

Our integrated antennas offer enhanced benefits beyond just the antenna aperture, by delivering solutions with integrated filters, low-noise amplifiers (LNAs), and positioning systems. Frontgrade’s many integrated antenna solutions range from UHF to Ku-band. 

For example, our UHF SATCOM systems are designed for with satellite tracking capabilities for naval applications. Our modular or portable ground terminals include steerable positioners, while other Frontgrade antennas offer integrated filters and LNAs housed in sealed assemblies for naval applications. 

We offer extensive product lines of linear and advanced antennas and antenna arrays to meet all system requirements. We have high-performance integrated antennas to withstand all rigorous environments. Contact us to learn more.