Space applications demand the highest reliability for critical mission assurance. Frontgrade knows this better than anyone as we’ve been developing high performance, field proven space-qualified solutions for decades.

Non-Volatile Memory

To meet the storage requirements of space systems designs, Frontgrade offers a wide range of non-volatile memory solutions.

No matter your mission requirements, Frontgrade has a non-volatile memory solution to meet your design needs. These include typical storage applications such as boot memory for microprocessors/microcontrollers, images/communications, data buffering and memory for high performance space computing.

Frontgrade offers an extensive volatile memory portfolio developed to handle the demands of harsh space and terrestrial environments.

Volatile Memory

Frontgrade Volatile Memory offerings include a variety of products for your HiRel applications. This includes a wide range of memory configurations and access/clock speeds for application flexibility.  Multi-chip memory module configurations are available for designs needing more density in a small footprint.