RadHard Computing Solutions

Frontgrade offers multi-architectural computing platforms tailored to fit your mission requirements. We offer highly integrated, full featured SPARC®-based and RISC-V®-based microprocessor and microcontroller solutions as well as Arm®-based microcontrollers.

Cobham Gaisler, a Frontgrade design center dedicated to space technologies, developed the super-scalar, synthesizable LEON processor based on the SPARC® V8 processor core.

Designed into hundreds of spacecraft, due to their rich feature set and dependability, this technology suite includes a full development and debug environment and a library of IP cores.

Depending on the product, system-on-chip (SoC) features include integrated analog front end, on-board volatile and non-volatile memory, and a wide range of digital and communication support such as integrated Controller Area Network (CAN) transceivers, SpaceWire, and MIL-STD-1553 support.

Evaluation boards and the supporting development and debug environments are available and provide a flexible development platform to familiarize customers with processor operation as well as allow custom expansion based on application requirements.

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