Additive Manufacturing (RFAM)

Frontgrade’s world-renowned additive manufacturing (AM) facility boasts an engineering team with 100 years of combined AM experience. 


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As SWAP requirements for space applications become ever more stringent, customers are turning to AM, and our engineering team can provide RFAM solutions for virtually any challenge. Using Frontgrade products, customers can create technologies that were once believed to be impossible and that also meet some of the most extreme SWAP requirements. For example, our team reduced the mass of multiple antennas by as much as 70% using AM, when compared to traditional manufacturing methods. 

AM can also produce waveguides, horn antennas, parabolic reflector antennas, filters, and so much more. By using AM to create organically shaped devices that conform to vehicle geometries, customers are able to maximize newly available space for other important subsystems. When the number of junction points are reduced through part integration. insertion losses are often decreased – thereby increasing efficiencies. 

After printing is complete, our vertically integrated facility in Exeter, NH, is also capable of providing any machining and testing that might be needed. Electrical testing is conducted in our anechoic chamber or one of our additional electrical testing ranges. Any variety of mechanical testing can be conducted at our facility – such as shock and vibe, T-Vac and Altitude, Temperature, and many more. 

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