Horn Antennas

Horn Antennas perform well over wide bandwidths while providing directive radiation patterns and moderate gain levels. Frontgrade offers an extensive range of products including conical, pyramidal and sectoral horn antennas.

Applications including surveillance, measurement and test, and electronic warfare, as well as being the principle feed type for reflector antennas; Frontgrade Horn Antennas provide the precise radiation pattern control and polarization purity required for challenging missions.

  • Broadband performance through double ridge and quad ridge designs
  • Linear, dual linear and circular polarization
  • High polarization purity and low side-lobes available
  • High port-to-port isolation (dual linear models)
  • Superior radiation pattern and beamwidth control via aperture shaping and dielectric lenses
  • High power handling, as much as 500W CW per port

For higher gain applications, Frontgrade offers horn arrays and array manifolds.

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Horn Antenna

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