Space-Grade FPGAs for Distributed Processing

Space programs are adopting distributed processing architectures to build in more scalable performance and higher reliability. Until now, space programs had small or large FPGAs which either under, or over-deliver. Our new FPGAs meet the needs of distributed space architectures by bringing mission-matched scalable performance for efficient, system-wide technology reuse.


  • Leading dedicated space electronics provider
  • 30 years space flight heritage
  • Flight-proven space-grade processing flow assurance

Lattice Semiconductors

  • Low power programmable device leader
  • Over 20 years of proven reliability supplying to the automotive industry
  • Industry leading performance and reliability
Title: UT24C407 CertusTM-NX-RT
ID: 1711
Link: /product/1711
Title: UT24CP1008 CertusProTM-NX-RT
ID: 1716
Link: /product/1716
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Frontgrade and Lattice, Why Our Partnership Matters

Combining our space heritage and FPGA domain knowledge, Frontgrade and Lattice are making distributed processing systems efficient with our purpose-built radiation tolerant Certus/Pro-NX-RT FPGAs. Designed by Lattice, The Low Power Programmable Device Leader, our expertise is adding critical space flight assurance with our rad-tolerant IP cores required for harsh environments.

Soft Error Rate diagram

Better Technology

Certus/Pro-NX-RT FPGAs are fabricated using a 28nm fully depleted silicon-on-Insulator (FD-SOI) process that is inherently radiation tolerant, reducing single event effects (SEE). For additional assurance our FPGAs have built-in memory error detection and correction tailored to the needs of modern space missions.

Space Flight Assurance components

Space Flight Assurance

Purpose-built for space, Certus/Pro-NX-RT FPGAs have SnPb solder ball leads and are built from single, traceable wafer lots that have passed radiation acceptance testing. As a specialized space electronics supplier, all our devices have long-term supply assurance.

affordable SWaP

SWaP-C Performance

SWaP-C performance is critical for space missions. Certus/Pro-NX-RT FPGAs are the smallest, lightest, most power-efficient processing devices available for space flight. Full-featured for design flexibility, and lower device cost, make systems powered by Certus/Pro-NX-RT FPGAs the right choice.

small package, big capability

Small Package, Big Capability

With built-in mixed-signal analog features and extensive on-chip memory for low-latency processing, you can distribute intelligence across your system. For greater design maneuverability, our Certus/Pro-NX-RT FPGAs have on-die comparators and security features for real-time telemetry and mission integrity.

system wide technology reuse

System-Wide Technology Reuse

As space missions pivot towards distributed architectures, they are leveraging the performance and interoperability of commercially developed, open standards-based technologies. From sensor processing to data translation, standards-based interfaces build in scalable performance, while reducing design complexity.

complimentary devices

Complimentary Devices for Lower Risk

Certus/Pro-NX-RT FPGAs are supported by our ecosystem of SWaP-optimized, radiation-assured peripheral devices. By using high-performance flight-grade memorypower managementlogicinterconnect and other complimentary devices from a single source, you can design faster with lower risk.

design tools and libraries for intuitive design

Intuitive Design Tools for Less Design Effort

Our fault-tolerant GR library (GRLIB) seamlessly integrates with Lattice’s Propel library and Radiant debug and design tools to offer an easy, intuitive and versatile design experience. Combined, these IPs deliver a holistic design environment for space engineers seeking to quickly create high-performance, high-reliability space processing solutions.

technical support worker helping client on her computer

Expert Technical Support from Start to Finish

As space experts, we recognize the extra requirements needed for flight. Our radiation and FPGA specialists will guide you through the design process from start to finish. Acting as seamless extensions to your in-house capabilities, our experts will share component integration techniques and design approaches that are optimized for reliability and performance.

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