CAN Tranceivers

Frontgrade CAN Transceivers are low power serial communications devices developed to handle the demands of harsh terrestrial and space environments.

Frontgrade CAN Transceivers are compatible with the ISO 11898-2 (1 Mbps) and 118985 (CAN-FD) standards and have a critical role in the mitigation of unfavorable conditions that degrade the bus, such as transient voltage spikes, common mode issues as well as battery paths through faulty nodes.

Title: UT64CAN3330 CAN Transceiver
ID: 1666
Link: /product/1666
Title: UT64CAN3331 CAN Transceiver
ID: 1671
Link: /product/1671
Title: UT64CAN3332 CAN Transceiver
ID: 1676
Link: /product/1676