Patch Antennas


Frontgrade has extensive experience designing, qualifying and manufacturing a wide range of microstrip patch antennas. We work collaboratively with customers to design for specific platform and application requirements.

Frontgrade Patch Antennas can accommodate a wide range of coverage requirements such as: 

  • Single element designs with broad beam widths
  • Single axis arrays with fan-beam coverage
  • Dual axis arrays with pencil-beam coverage

In addition, our patch antennas can be optimized for small size, weight and cost and support a wide range of geometries. Examples include:

  • Designs can be tailored for any platform from high dynamic munition, missile and launch vehicle applications to high reliability satellite applications to military aircraft, ground and seaborne applications
  • Single linear, dual linear and circular polarization
  • Amplitude and phase matching to support anti-jam GPS requirements
  • Wideband, miniaturized and thermally stable performance with proprietary dielectric blends

Patch Antennas

Part Number Frequency
Range (Ghz)
Polarization Gain
Azimuth (deg)
Elevation (deg)
Size (inches)
8508581 (L1/CP) 1.575 (L1-GPS) RHCP 0 dBic 360° (Omnidirectional) 180° (Hemispherical) (customer specific)
8508582 (L1/M-Code) 1.575 (L1-GPS) RHCP 0 dBic 360° (Omnidirectional) 180° (Hemispherical) (customer specific)
8508583 (L1/DL) 1.575 (L1-GPS) Dual-Linear 360° (Omnidirectional) 180° (Hemispherical) (customer specific)
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