Frontgrade Gaisler's Microprocessor Empowers Multiple Computer Systems in JAXA's H3 Launch Vehicle

Göteborg, Sweden – Frontgrade Gaisler, a leading provider of space-grade electronic solutions, has announced that one of its most advanced microprocessors is successfully supporting Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s (JAXA’s) new H3 launch vehicle, which embarked on its first journey from the Tanegashima Space Center on February 17. Gaisler’s GR712RC dual-core LEON3FT microprocessor provides critical computing power on the liquid-fueled H3 launch vehicle.

Developed in collaboration with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, JAXA’s H3 launch vehicle represents a paradigm shift in the Japanese space business due to its high flexibility, reliability, and cost efficiency. As it is poised to undertake a diverse range of missions, the H3 launch vehicle sets a standard for innovation and performance in the aerospace industry.

"We are very excited to be part of the H3 launcher vehicle because it will enable many of JAXA's missions to explore our solar system,” said Sandi Habinc, General Manager at Frontgrade Gaisler. “We are especially proud of how cost efficient the GR712RC microprocessor can be in this type of application. Its flexibility means it can be deployed into a myriad of computer systems and tackle many types of computational tasks.”

Central to the vehicle’s success is its standardised, compact, and cost-efficient computer, based on Frontgrade Gaisler’s highly reliable GR712RC dual-core microprocessor. The GR712RC is used in the H3’s Common Network CPU Module to support electrical systems such as propulsion control and attitude control. Renowned for its reliability and low power, the GR712RC microprocessor enables the execution of complex and variable tasks, whilst ensuring that mission-critical operations are carried out efficiently.


About Frontgrade Gaisler

Frontgrade Gaisler is a leading provider of radiation-hardened microprocessors and IP cores for critical applications, particularly in the space industry. The company’s processors are known for their reliability, fault tolerance, and radiation tolerance, making them ideal for any space mission or other high-reliability application.

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