Frontgrade Gaisler and Imsys Collaborate to Integrate AI into Space Technology

Gothenburg, Sweden (October 17, 2023) – Frontgrade Gaisler, a world leader in embedded computer systems for harsh environments, and Imsys AB, an artificial intelligence (AI) company specializing in microprocessor design and software development for digital forensics, are collaborating to determine if accelerator technology from Imsys can be adapted and integrated into Gaisler’s space microprocessors. This project, named "New Accelerated Applications in Space," is funded by the Swedish National Space Agency as part of the Swedish Space Application Program 2023-2.

The joint effort by Frontgrade Gaisler and Imsys, both Sweden-based companies, has the potential to make substantial advancements in space technology in two key areas – enhancing AI in space applications and using accelerator technology to optimize system design.

“Working together with the deep competencies at Frontgrade Gaisler, the expert in rugged space applications, is a win-win that will help us provide better solutions and open up new market opportunities  -- space, rugged applications, AI, etc..” said Jonas Wӕrn, Chief Executive Officer of Imsys AB. “This is Imsys’ first customer for our new accelerator and of great strategic importance to us. The collaboration will focus on verifying Imsys’ design as well as its ‘on silicon’-construction.”

Because the space industry often faces lengthy development cycles, especially for sophisticated components, adaptable accelerators are essential to keeping pace with AI's rapid evolution. Integrating Imsys’ accelerators into avionics systems would enable more onboard computations, enhancing system responsiveness and optimizing communication efficiency by reducing data transfer between spacecraft and ground stations.

“The opportunity to integrate the Imsys accelerator into our microprocessors aligns with Gaisler’s dedication to advancing space technology,” said Sandi Habinc, General Manager at Frontgrade Gaisler. “Integrating AI computing elements into space avionics systems is a key focus for our future product offerings.”

While many current space systems combine an advanced System on a Chip (SoC) with programmable logic to reduce sensor-to-microprocessor data, the Frontgrade Gaisler and Imsys collaboration aims to eliminate the need for separate programmable logic by successfully integrating hardware accelerator technology into the SoC to streamline the data reduction process and achieve to project’s goal.

Imsys AB is active in the development and design of microprocessors. The company creates solutions for managing information, especially large amounts of data. The company's proprietary and flexible microprocessors have historically been used for highly specialized applications and are now found in AI applications.

Frontgrade Gaisler is a leading provider of radiation-hardened microprocessors and IP cores for critical applications, particularly in the space industry. The company’s processors are known for their reliability, fault tolerance, and radiation tolerance, making them ideal for any space mission or other high-reliability application.