Frontgrade Announces High Density 4Tb NAND Flash Device

Colorado Springs, CO – Frontgrade, a leading provider of mission critical electronics for aerospace and defense, has recently launched world’s first PEM Qualified 3D TLC 4Tb NAND Flash Memory for space applications. These flight units from Frontgrade will help users meet the demand for mass memory storage requirements. 


New space programs are demanding high storage density, low power and high throughput data devices to support multiple space programs from image processing, telecommunication to AI and machine learning. UT81NDQ512G8 is a high density 4Tb TLC NAND Flash device which has been qualified to the NASA EEE INST 002 ( PEM-INST-001) standard. It has 16x higher storage density than its nearest competitor in the market and can be used in distributed or centralized solid-state data recorder applications, enabling our customers to meet the most demanding space program needs.


“The 4Tb TLC NAND Flash has been designed for space missions, owing to the fact that it not only supports the highest density non-volatile mass storage required for those missions but also come in a small, light-weight footprint,” said Mike Elias, CEO, Frontgrade.


The device comes in a 132 ball JEDEC footprint that is 12x18x1.4mm and weighs 0.5gm and is the highest performance NAND memory for space with a 10Gbps data transaction throughput. Flight units with 30krad assurance through radiation lot acceptance tested (RLAT) are now shipping.


Frontgrade Gaisler has also developed the NAND Flash Memory Controller IP, which is part of the GRLIB family of fault tolerant IPs. The NANDFCTRL2 is a VHDL IP core implementing an interface to NAND Flash memory devices. This saves development effort and time, when paired with the right NAND flash memory such as Frontgrade’s 4Tb NAND Flash modules.


Additional information on the NAND Flash Device and Controller can be found on our website:


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