Stepper Motors


Stepper motors provide precise motion without the need for position feedback or commutation. Our stepper motors are available in unipolar or bipolar configuration and 1º to 90º step angles.

When considering a stepper motor for an application there are several parameters that require evaluation. In many cases the designer is limited due to existing drive electronics.  Parameters to consider when evaluating stepper motors are:

  • Output step angle
  • Pulse rate required
  • Running torque
  • Powered holding torque
  • Unpowered holding torque
  • Size and power constraints
  • Load, friction and inertia
  • Redundancy
  • Drive electronics

Size, weight and performance characteristics of the motors shown in the data sheets below are examples of typical applications. Frontgrade can provide custom solutions such as:

  • Size variations
  • Step angles
  • Winding characteristics
  • Performance requirements
  • Physical mounting requirements
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