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Frontgrade is a leading provider of custom and standard motion control products for military, aerospace, robotics and communications applications.
As our customers adapt to an increasingly automated technology landscape, our long-standing, extensive expertise delivers a full range of motion control solutions, whether for solar array drives or robotic arms for the aerospace industry, positioning systems for military radar or commercial air traffic control.
The Frontgrade Motion Control portfolio includes high-reliability DC motors, actuators, controllers, gimbals, pedestals, rotary joints and RF rotating subsystems.
Our high-performance standard and custom motion control products feature low jitter and high radiation tolerance and guarantee accuracy and stability in closed loop pointing and tracking applications. Our solutions undergo stringent qualification and testing processes for harsh elements such as vacuum, extreme temperature, shock and vibration to ensure they can withstand any environment. A long heritage in actuation allows Frontgrade to offer customers a variety of design options, including motor selection, gear set, special interfaces, position feedback and pass-through for cabling or RF.

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Frontgrade Actuators Land on Mars
Our motion control solutions are currently on its third trip to the red planet as part of NASA’s MARS2020 Perseverance rover mission. Designed to advance high-priority science goals for Mars exploration, the mission addresses key questions about the potential for life and challenges of future human expeditions to Mars.
  • Frontgrade Actuators designed for high reliability applications
  • Frontgrade Actuators can be customized for specific requirements and supplies as framed or frameless, housed or with custom mounting interfaces
  • Design options available for motor selection, gear set, special interfaces, position feedback and pass-through for cabling or RF
  • Frontgrade Actuators can accommodate tough environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, vacuum, radiation, dust and corrosive atmospheres
Mars Perseverance Rover
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