Frontgrade Launches New Smart Power Switch Controller

ARLINGTON, Va. – CAES, a leading provider of mission critical electronics for aerospace and defense, has launched a new device designed for the harshest space missions. The new Smart Power Switch Controller (SPSC) offers extensive fault detection, isolation and recovery capabilities (FDIR) in a single package. The radiation hardened (RadHard) device features the highest level of space assurance, wide temperature range coverage, and provides quick fault detection and recovery in a small footprint.

“Our SPSC has been designed to meet the toughest requirements demanded in modern space programs. It allows design engineers to eliminate multiple discreet components for superior design functionality and capabilities in a single package,” said Mike Elias, Senior Vice President, Space Systems Division, CAES. “The SPSC provides extensive device protection, with 10 times faster response time compared to existing solutions. We’re excited to bring these capabilities to our customers.”

Our new HiRel SPSCs are intelligent, current class agnostic and first in the space industry to incorporate PMBus®, which communicates over an I2C serial bus. This simple and flexible 2-wire command, configuration and control protocol can manage dozens of power switch channels with a small host controller.

The SPSC is also a power bus protection device, with the ability to detect high/short circuit faults and isolate the circuit in 250 nanoseconds. CAES’ RadHard design techniques ensure that our devices - including the Smart Power Switch Controller - meet the highest reliability mission profiles and can withstand the harshest environments, including QML-Q and QML-V for military and space-grade qualification.

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CAES is a pioneer of advanced electronics for the most technologically challenging defense and aerospace trusted systems. As the largest provider of mixed-signal and radiation-hardened technology to the United States aerospace and defense industry, CAES delivers high-reliability RF, microwave and millimeter wave, microelectronic and digital solutions that enable our customers to ensure a safer, more secure planet. On land, at sea, in the air, in space and in cyberspace, CAES’ extensive electronics and enhanced manufacturing capabilities are at the forefront of mission-critical military and aerospace innovation.

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