Frontgrade Technologies Receives DLA’s First-Ever Organic Class Y Certification

Colorado Springs, CO (May 10, 2023) – The Frontgrade Technologies location in Colorado Springs has received the first Organic Class Y production assembly certification presented by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). With this certification, Frontgrade is now the only company in the world to be DLA-qualified to manufacture next-generation organic integrated circuit (IC) packages comprised of multiple circuit layers, which offer a significant SWAP-C improvement over ceramic solutions.

“Our Frontgrade engineering team worked meticulously to meet the incredibly strict standards required to receive QML Organic Class Y certification,” said Mike Elias, president and chief executive officer of Frontgrade Technologies. “The robustness of these organic IC packages translates into an impressively low SWAP-C solution for our customers.”

Frontgrade’s organic IC packages use substrates that can support extremely high data transfer rates and the integration of multiple dies within a single package, allowing a greater diversity of functionality. Organic substrates also facilitate more effective thermal management and heat extraction in a 50% smaller footprint with 75% less mass while providing electrical performance that is 10 to 20 times greater than a traditional hermetic flip chip ceramic solution.
The Frontgrade facility in Colorado Springs is focused on the design and production of analog, digital, and mixed-signal ICs for the aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial markets.


About Frontgrade
Frontgrade Technologies is the leading provider of high-reliability (hi-rel), radiation-hardened (rad-hard) solutions for defense, intelligence, commercial, and civil applications. The company has a complementary and integrated suite of mission-critical electronics. Key products include rad-hard components, mission processing subsystems, custom ASICs, motion control systems, waveguides, antennas, power management solutions, as well as cabling for a variety of missions. For more information, visit