Leveraging its pedigree in space and military markets, Frontgrade technology supports various systems for commercial applications. 


Frontgrade Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) enable advanced devices used to deliver the genomic sequence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the COVID-19 disease, enabling insights into how the virus is transmitted and how it evolves. Frontgrade ASICs are also a key technology used by a leading global provider of computed tomography (CT) scanners used to help diagnose respiratory conditions.

Commercial Aviation

Frontgrade is the market leader and supplier of choice for flat plate antennas to the commercial aerospace radar market. Equipped with two in-house near field antenna test ranges and extensive environmental test capabilities, Frontgrade can meet specific customer requirements on a variety of antenna products.


Because safety is paramount for the airline industry, Frontgrade ASICs provide utmost detection performance for baggage screening.  Leveraging our expertise in designing solutions for a radiation environment, Frontgrade helps protect against threats while expediting passenger screening traffic.

Mining & Industrial

Helping to provide safety and dependability in an extreme environment, Frontgrade ASICs are deployed in explosive detonation equipment utilized for mining excavation.  Frontgrade’s high levels of reliability enable properly timed detonations ensuring safety and maximizing efficiency of mining operations.

Wireless and Telecom

Frontgrade RF-mW-mmW components are ideally suited for use in wireless and telecom applications such as cable interconnects, receiver protection, coupling requirements for BIT or other monitoring needs. Switches and other control components can provide system performance stability over extreme environmental constraints. Ideal uses are in distributed antenna systems, antenna locations and duplexing/duplexing requirements of multiple co-located antennas.