GaN Single Stage Isolated Converters


By converting power straight from the power bus to the point of load, the new GaN single-stage converters operate easily within the increasingly stringent voltage tolerances of today’s leading-edge processing devices. This includes deep-submicron ASICs and FPGAs used in software-defined payloads that can be reprogrammed in-orbit to extend the mission life of space applications.

The 28V radiation-tolerant converters are also the first satellite single stage power supplies to incorporate gallium-nitride (GaN) FET technology. These GaN-based converters provide customers with a unique, fully-tested, off-the-shelf power conversion solution.

The move to GaN enables higher performance and switching frequencies, thereby improving response time to changing load currents compared to silicon-based DC-DC converters. These new converters can also be used in parallel for higher-power applications.

28V GaN, Single-Stage, Isolated DC-DC Converter

The Frontgrade Single Stage DC-DC Converter is an efficient isolated step-down regulator rated at 50-72 Watts.  Output voltage remote sense provides accurate point of load voltage regulation.

The converter design is a single ended forward converter with secondary synchronous rectification. 

* Can be paralleled for higher power applications
Part Number Vin (V) Vout (V) Pout (W) MAX Iout (A) MAX Efficiency (typ) (%)
SCD51028080 20-38 0.7-0.8 50* 54.0 89
SCD51028100 20-38 0.8-1.0 50* 50.0 91
SCD51028120 20-38 1.0-1.2 50* 41.0 91
SCD51028180 20-38 1.5-1.8 64* 35.0 91
SCD51028330 20-38 2.5-3.3 75* 22.0 92
SCD51028500 20-38 4.0-5.0 60* 12.00 92
SCD51028700 20-38 5.0-7.0 50* 7.00 93



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