Spacecraft power systems are utilizing highly distributed bus voltages as payload power demands continue to increase. Frontgrade DC-to-DC Converters and Power Distribution Modules (PDMs) offer the industry’s best end-to-end efficiency from the satellite bus down to the point of load.

Frontgrade PDMs are highly efficient, flexible, scalable, and lightweight — all in a small footprint. Our PDM family consists of Input Regulator Modules (IRMs) and Isolated Point of Load Modules (iPOLs) that make up a power conversion system.

The IRM provides a regulated intermediate voltage to the iPOL, which can be set to adjust to load condition by utilizing the adaptive loop feature between the IRM and iPOL. The iPOLs are isolated, unregulated DC-to-DC converters that divide down the intermediate bus voltage provided by the IRM. These PDMs can generate an adjustable voltage and are compliant to MIL-PRF-38534.

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